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The spray of chemical agent plays a vital role in papermaking process and is an indispensable key step. Its basic principle is: through the high pressure water pump to the appropriate temperature of water spraying through the nozzle on the surface of the paper, in this process will be different chemical agents through the pipeline dosing mouth in the water, and make it fully mixed evenly and filtered into the spray pipe. Therefore, chemical filling equipment must be stable and reliable, and should have intuitive and visual human-computer interaction interface, and a complete range of host computer docking signals.

 Our company in many industry application cases continue to summarize and optimize, as well as the in-depth understanding of the process details, now has a set of high reliability, high precision and interface highly friendly complete dosing equipment. The equipment is compact and beautiful, the water flows into the water tank through the float ball valve, the water pump pumps the water from the water tank into the mixing pipe, the metering pump inject the required chemical agents into the mixing pipe through the dosing port, the chemical agents are fully mixed through the mixing pipe into the filter filter, and then fully atomized and evenly sprayed through the spray pipe.


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